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Why choose a group over individual counselling?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Other than the fact it is more affordable, group process is great!

There is always the option to lean into personal change by working one-on-one with a counsellor. However, there is this magic that happens from the first day of group where each member arrives with that spark of change already lit. Their backgrounds, struggles and goals may be different, but those earnest, hopeful, and determined feelings are mutually amplifying. I am often inspired by the choice participants make to encourage each other and heartfully share their knowledge from the very first day.

Really, you can’t underestimate the power of group process: the feeling that you are not alone in your struggles, the support and wisdom of the other participants, and the energy you provide each other as you grow.

Whether you're looking to improve your emotional self-management or your social justice practice, this personal project of change doesn't feel quite so huge in a group setting. Participants often realize that the only things they need to get where they want to go are confidence and practical skills. Over time, groups can foster a sense of community, and I encourage participants to support each other and socialize beyond the groups.

Groupwork isn't for everyone at all times. Even though these groups are psychoeducational in nature (almost trainings), they require the emotional labour of being present for others, listening deeply, sharing space, and speaking with intention. We may join a group to pursue personal goals, but learning in community requires mutual accountability.

As facilitator, my role is to "hold space" for group process, offer content that creates a jumping-off point for meaningful discussion, and to help the group move through difficult moments. I have been doing this for fifteen years.

My current groups include:

  • Feelings Are Superpowers

  • Living a Feminist Life

  • Work Detox

  • Courage Work

Check out my groups to find one that interests you.

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