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Power in the Workplace

This is a workshop about power in the workplace. I look at workplace toxicity and misuse of power through the lens of abusive relationships.


We will cover signs of a toxic or abusive workplace, the impacts, and ideas for addressing the dynamics. 

The content can be adapted for managers OR teams (without managers).


Harm Reduction, Leadership, and Community Engagement

For more than a decade, I have worked in shelter and drop-in settings running peer programs. I now share what I learned from and with young people who use drugs, experience homelessness, and engage in criminalized economies.

Contact me if you want to do better at implementing harm reduction approaches and engaging service users. I offer ways to overcome challenges, practical tools, and promising practices in fostering youth leadership.

I do not identify as a substance user and as such I do not claim that expertise. I attend to issues of race, gender, class, age, culture, ability, and staff privilege in my analyses.


Trauma Stewardship for Care Workers

This is a workshop for workers in helping fields such as social workers, youth workers, violence against women counsellors, nurses and shelter workers. "Trauma Stewardship" is a concept developed by Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky, focusing on how to sustain yourself while engaging with suffering. I share useful teachings from Lipsky and other trauma experts, sharing pieces that I think are most practical for frontline workers. Going beyond "how to self care," I help workers learn how to  "move the energy through." Components include:

  • Trauma Stewardship

  • Defining Burnout Within Social Context

  • The Body's Stress Response

  • PTSD versus "vicarious" trauma

  • Completing the Stress Cycle

  • Thoughtwork

  • Self-regulation and Co-regulation

This topic can be offered in staff meetings, pointing learners in the direction of useful teachings. However, this workshop is being developed as an all-day training (with guests) as well. Online or in person.


Substances 101, Overdose Prevention and Naloxone

This workshop will give shelter and drop-in workers an overview of uppers, downers, and hallucinogenic drugs, their effects, and how to reduce harms. We also talk about what the comedown and withdrawal is like, what would help to minimize the symptoms, and how to flex your rules or approach when a client has been using.

We will also cover overdose prevention and how to administer Naloxone, a life-saving antidote to opiate poisoning.

The workshop is informed by over a decade working with and learning from youth who use drugs. I support service providers in providing compassionate care to people who use drugs and to help them build better safety. Learners will have opportunities to connect with each other and integrate knowledge through playful activities.

This workshop has been and can be offered as a webinar.


Message for Managers

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