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Register for a course and get a FREE workbook or toolkit!

These courses are for people ages 18 and up.

You can find the dates to these courses on the Program Calendar, or follow me on social media @livingtheleap.

Contact to register or to be put on the list for a future course.

Feelings are Superpowers

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In this eight-week course, you will build better awareness of, control over and ability to sit with your feelings. The topics for each session are:

1. Feelings as a source of knowledge. Thinking beyond “coping strategies” to growth, power, self-love, and healing


2. Self-esteem and self-worth


3. Anger


4. Motivation


5. Sadness


6. Stress and Overwhelm


7. Anxiety and Fear


8. Joy


The cost is $320 ($40 a session).

Email to get on the waitlist for the next course.

Burnout Exit Plan

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Over five sessions, I provide tools to workers who are close to crisis in their level of traumatic and chronic stress.

A FREE workbook is included.

Due to the high level of burnout during the pandemic, I am offering this course for only $200 for all five sessions.

Make sure to register for the upcoming spring course! Space is limited!

The course runs 3pm - 5pm. (If self-care is part of the job, it should be part of the work day.)

This course will be on Zoom.



Welcome and Understanding Burnout


MAY 11

Self-Compassion and Thoughtwork


MAY 18

Visualizing and Exploring Your Options


MAY 25

Building Your Personal Power



Planning and Taking Action

Work Detox

Thoughtwork for Care Workers

toxic workplace.jpg

This is a support group for folks working in a toxic environment. It begins with a workshop and continues with an (optional) open support group. We will cover signs of a toxic workplace, impacts, and mechanisms available for addressing the dynamics. We will discuss strategies for maintaining your character, taking care of your mental health, and weighing your choices. Members of the open support group provide each other with informal support, and I offer some strategies for dealing with your toxic workplace. (Spoiler alert: leave.) These issues can also be addressed through individual support.

This is an OPEN group, meaning you can join a group that has already started.


The cost is $20 per session.

Email to get on the waitlist for the next course.

thoughtwork for website.png

I have used self-compassion and cognitive behaviour techniques to manage my own stress. In this workshop, I share promising practices with other carers.


This course takes a “coaching” approach to improving emotional regulation skills, and is designed for people who provide caring services (social workers, nurses, etc.). The workshop recognizes that we work in stressful contexts, that our feelings about the challenges in the work are normal, and that systemic change is needed. However, as individuals, we have control over our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and can use that power to reduce the stress response in our bodies. We can also direct some of the compassion we have for others towards ourselves.

This course is adaptable to different contexts and the number of sessions and price would depend on the context.

Email to get on the waitlist for the next course.

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