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Audrey Batterham
Burnout Coach

Through education, counselling, and facilitating group process, I assist individuals and groups to move through periods of change with courage and compassion.

My work is feminist, grounded in the belief that many of our wounds are caused by injustice. I believe that we can all build our personal power within these struggles that are not of our making.

I am particularly interested in the way in which our mental health affects our paid work and activism, and how work affects our mental health. I believe we achieve personal and community health by aligning our actions with our desires and values.


I look forward to hearing from you

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I work with clients who are ready to live more bravely and deepen their self worth. I create an encouraging space for you to process your experiences, find new ways of thinking, and build your confidence. I will assist you in managing difficult feelings and share tools for you to empower yourself.

My courses incorporate art, theatre games, discussion, presentation and experiential learning. 

Whether trying to be proactive in promoting worker health or trying to intervene in mental health crisis among your staff, I offer specific strategies and new ways of thinking about work/life balance. My workshops are trauma-informed and attentive to workplace equity. 



I'd love to hear from you


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